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Upcoming PLG Workshop

Join us at our upcoming Product-Led Growth Workshop with PLG expert Hila Qu on August 30, 2023.

Looking to lease sublet space?

Share details about the space you are looking for or have available and we'll match you with relevant portfolio companies.

LSIP Talent Services Team

Included below is an overview of the LSIP Talent services team and how they can help support your company.

Salary Data

The following salary data was gathered by Lightspeed India Partners to provide insight into current, 2022, compensation trends. For information about how to read this data or additional details. Please reach out to Siddharth Sangwan (

Hiring Partners & Best Practices

Included below are a variety of recommended hiring partners across multiple geos and best practices when engaging one of these partners for a search.

Reference Checks

The guide below covers recommended best practices when performing a reference check on a potential new hire.


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