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Mike Polner

Head of Marketing @ Discord

SF Bay Area
Marketing & Brand
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About Me

Mike Polner currently leads the global marketing organization at Discord, the VoIP and instant messaging social platform. Mike also serves as a Mentor at First Round Capital for early stage startups. Previously, Mike was VP of Marketing at Cameo responsible for Cameo's Consumer business across Product Marketing, Brand Marketing, Research & Insights, and Product Growth. He joined Cameo as the first hire in Product Marketing & Insights. Prior to Cameo, Mike was Global Head of Product Marketing at Uber Eats. He joined Uber when <5% of consumers were aware of the brand. Over 4.5 years, he helped Uber Eats move from scrappy startup operating separately within pre-IPO Uber into a $50B+ high-growth global business, exceeding the Rides business in bookings starting in 2020.

Focus Areas

  • Marketing & Brand
  • Growth
  • Consumer
  • Social Media
  • Marketplaces

Stage Focus

  • Seed
  • Early
  • Growth

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