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Aisling MacRunnels

Chief Growth & Strategy Officer @ CyCognito

SF Bay Area
Marketing & Brand
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About Me

Dynamic business executive with a huge passion for defining, creating, and bringing great products to market. Passion for creating markets. Expert if leveraging viral low-touch and high-touch channels as needed. An executive who knows how to balance analytics and emotional intelligence. Always able to find the "human" in the product strategy. Driven to understand specific audiences to create the best possible product, marketing, and demand generation strategy to address those needs. Proven track record of making things happen. Strong, pragmatic leader who knows how to hire the right people for the task at hand and thrives by empowering her team, celebrating wins, and learning from mistakes.

Business beliefs:

Tough problems are the most fun to solve. There are many right answers - pick one (using data and gut) and execute.

Role of strong product marketing is becoming more and more critical as the zero point of influence grows in importance in the sales cycle and the CMO is directly accountable to an increasing percentage of revenue. It's no longer just bifurcated as B2B and B2C. Now the B2U (user) increases the complexity and demands a higher standard of marketing than ever before.

Focus Areas

  • Enterprise
  • Marketing & Brand
  • Growth Marketing
  • Security
  • SaaS

Stage Focus

  • Early

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