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Carilu Dietrich

CMO, Hypergrowth Advisor, Took Atlassian Public

SF Bay Area
Marketing & Brand
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About Me

B2B SaaS is my universe. My superpower is helping CEOs and CMOs navigate hypergrowth between 50 and 500M in ARR. I’m a second set of eyes that helps see around corners, a super connector who knows how everyone else is doing it. I seen into a dozen companies at the same time and bring insights from our hard-earned lessons. I'm an expert in product-led-growth AND the enterprise sales motion having led marketing teams at market leaders in both. I've sold to all types of audiences, grown companies from single-product to multi-product, rebranded companies, created categories, gone global, fixed messaging, fixed demand gen, dealt with security breeches, corporate ESG and led lots of business strategy offsites.

Specifically, I led Atlassian's rapid expansion from $150M-$450M in revenue - expanding to new markets, building out my marketing team and leading us through an incredibly successful IPO. I ran global awareness advertising for Oracle spending $40-60M/year and writing ads for the front page of the WSJ. I was CMO of a social impact company and started one of the tech industry's most impactful philanthropy movements, Pledge 1%. My heart lies at the intersection of innovative tech and social impact.

Focus Areas

  • Enterprise
  • Marketing & Brand
  • SaaS
  • Security

Stage Focus

  • Early

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