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Join us at our upcoming Product-Led Growth Workshop with PLG expert Hila Qu on August 30, 2023.

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Aaron Champion

Recruiter - Cato Networks

Abhay Mitra

Co-founder/CTO - Nirvana Insurance

Abhilash Salimath

Director of Sales - Rephrase.ai

Abhinav Gupta

President, Chief Skild Officer - Skild AI

Adam Gaswirth

HR Growth Partner - Talon Cyber Security

Adam Levy

Legal Counsel - Moveworks

Adam Wegner

Chief Legal Officer - Daily Harvest

Adithya Venkatesh

Co-founder - Gush

Aditya Sethia

Program Manager - Category Growth - Ekanek Networks Pvt Ltd

Adrian Radu

Partner - Lightspeed

Adrianna Gildner

Partner Engagement Manager - Pontera

Ahron Seeman

VP Operations - Buf

Ajay Varia

CEO - Growth Nirvana Inc

Akanshu jain

founder - BrahmaFi

Akin Babayigit

COO - Tripledot Studios

Alex Chancellor

People Operations Lead - All Day Kitchens

Alex Allan

Business Development - Alchemy

Alex Alvarado

CEO - Daybreak Health

Alex Dwek

COO - Nas Company

Alex Kayyal

Partner - Lightspeed

Alex Kremer

VP Strategy & Ops - Archive Resale

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